onsdag 26. august 2009

I want to make you sweat.

I have reached the decision to start working out, thus I will in do sit ups and push ups and other clever exercises in 15 minutes. As you may know, I have a subject called physical education, where physical activity is actually required to get a decent grade. How unfair!

On the other hand, I think I might appreciate some exercise once I get past the this-is-so-exhausting-and-I-want-to-die point. Hopefully.

...and off she went to become a body builder.

mandag 24. august 2009


I just wrote an email to the brass band, saying that I won't be playing there anymore. That felt very strange, and a bit selfish and mean. However, I am 85% sure I made the right decision. Although I've only played in the brass band for three years, it feels like ages. In a good way, that is.

I hardly ever practiced, and I was never really good at it, but I think I'm going to miss it. Ah, well - at least I still have my drum kit.

My beloved red drum kit

fredag 21. august 2009

I went for a ride with my bike today. I like my bike - it's blue. Dark blue. The only bad thing about it is that it gets broken. Constantly.

This afternoon, on my very first ride since the bike has been repaired, something happened to the gears. They made strange sounds whenever I tried to switch to a higher or lower gear, and eventually the cover fell off - a slight letdown. The brakes worked like a charm, though, which came in handy as I without noticing sped towards a big puddle in the middle of the road. I managed to avoid the biggest one, but unfortunately, I splashed in to a mudpuddle instead - apparently, changing dresses would be necessary.

I was surprised to discover exactly how much I enjoyed the speed - feeling the wind in my sweaty hair as I raced down a bumpy path was a marvellous feeling - "oh, freedom!" I thought to myself. Had I not been gasping for air, I would have started singing. As all good things must come to an end, this not-so-long-lasting biking adventure ended at my grandparents' house where I was welcomed by two sleepy grandparents, one lonely couch in desperate need of some company and some chocolate mousse.

Preparing dinner

I was thinking something easy, like omelets. If I add some tomatoes, peppers and some onion and I can't go wrong, right?

torsdag 20. august 2009

Wroooom! Astrid is learning how to drive.

tirsdag 18. august 2009

Dutch, Norwegian and Latvian people rock!

I've had a great time. I llama you all.
Je hebt in je broek gepoept!